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We have worked on almost all kind of web projects using PHP to create E-commerce Web Site with powerful backends like Mysql to develop state of the art applications for our clients. Verteks builds highly scalable ecommerce business solutions, helping the client realize their potential on-line and off-line.

Internet has changed the perspective of business, buying, selling goods and services over the Internet, has completely transformed the way business is conducted. Through e-commerce setup we can help you create an online business process which will integrate with offline activities.

We can tailor a solution for you by analysing and creating processes to increase your overall efficiency, may it be your sales network, customer care support, dealer network etc.

Services we offer:
  • Web site Development, Hosting and Management
  • Web-enabling Sales and Distribution
  • Web Stores, Virtual Offices
  • Shopping carts
  • Online inventory management and order tracking
  • Online payment and transaction systems
  • Customer relationship development
  • Online communities
  • B2B and B2C portal development

About Us

We at Verteks will help you develop a very professional and user friendly website which will make you feel proud about how your company looks on the Internet.

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